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Acoustic Preference products can be purchased by exclusive dealers in your country, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of sales activity and, of course, complete service and warranty assistance.

As long as Acoustic Preference doesn’t already have a dealer in your country, you can purchase our products directly from us. In the case of internet sale, the Acoustic Preference team will provide you with all needed information as well as product and warranty service.
For more information regarding online purchases you will find e-mail addres on the bottom of this page. You will receive a response very shortly following your inquiry.
Products can be purchased on Acoustic Preference website or from our eBay store “acoustic-preference-store” if Acoustic Preference doesn’t have an exclusive dealer in your country. You can make your payment through PayPal, Bank transfer-wire transfer or for EU countries to our shipping agent (extra fees).

For online purchases, we allow 45 days to return any purchased Acoustic Preference product. In this time, you can test our product with your home hi-fi system, and if the product suits your needs, we are sure you will enjoy its superb performance for years and years to come. If not, you can pack it back into its original Acoustic Preference package, send it back to us undamaged, and you will receive a full refund deposited into your bank account within 14 days. Only shipping costs will be deducted from the original sum. For details about product returns see the “Support” section on our website, or contact us.

All Acoustic Preference products are specially packed using high-quality wooden crates or other materials. Larger and heavy products are packaged in a wooden box with inner protective packaging to prevent possible damage caused by long distance shipping.

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NEW for EU customers: BUY DIRECT: USED FOR NEW 2017


With our new offer “Trade in used for new” you can save a lot of money and nerves if you trade in your old High-End audio components (loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables, or CD-SACD players etc.) for one of our models of loudspeakers. If you trade in, we will deduct our estimated price from price of new loudspeakers that you wish to have.

– Every component that you offer for trade in must be in full working and good visual condition.

– Components in maximum value of 50% of retail price can be traded in.

– Only one pair or piece can be traded in.



– Send us email with photos (from all sides and zoom photo with technical details and model name) and all data of your High-End component that you wish to trade Old for New.

– We will examine your offer and send you Pro-Forma Invoice for loudspeakers that you wish to purchase. In Pro-Forma Invoice, we will deduct the value of your device, which we will admit.

– If you agree with our offer, send us confirmation. We will check if loudspeakers that you wish to have are in stock.

  • If loudspeakers are in stock, send us your device and pay the amount in Pro-Forma Invoice, and we will send you your new loudspeakers the same day that we get your payment and device.
  • If loudspeakers are not in stock, we will send you info of when they will be ready for shipping. In that case you pay only 50% at the time of order, the remaining 50% you will pay before delivery and shipping your component.
  • If you have given us unreal information about your trade in item, we can cancel a deal or give you offer with new price for your item.

Acoustic Preference Ltd.  have the right to refuse a “Trade in” without explanation.


This offer is for EU citizens only!