Gracioso 1.0

GRACIOSO Line models 2017

Acoustic Preference Ltd.´s new models Gracioso 1.0 and 2.0 LE (Limited Edition) are handcrafted and only 99 pairs will be produced. The technical and design state-of-the-art of the GRACIOS series, the Gracioso 1.0 and 2.0 LE produce dramatically natural and with all details rich sound that will shock your ears and senses and take you to the new experience of music.

Acoustic Preference´s Gracioso 1.0 and 2.0 ST (Standard) are significantly improved compared to the old model.

Only the best high grade components are used and they are completely hand made from start to finish with the highest standards and quality control. Every pair is tested and partially burned-in (approx. 100 hours) before delivery.

Every produced pair has a Limited Edition CERTIFICATE, with its own serial number also engraved in the terminal plate.

Every pair of the Standard model has a handcrafted DECLARATION.

The soul

Acoustic Preference Ltd. is a very special small company for High-End Audio (a term that has been much abused lately), and we like to market ourselves as an Exclusive Audio components manufacturer (i.e. as artisans). Our production is not a serial production, we do have serial models, but we do not produce them on a treadmill system. Awareness that our speakers are truly and completely handmade, what must be separately stated on each presentation, is very important.

From the selection and assembly of every single piece of 184 wood blocks necessary (for Gracioso 2.0), cutting each segment, hand composition of the housing, brushing to at least 4 layers of natural wax, and polishing, each electronic part for crossover is measured and paired. Drivers are finally checked before installing and every pair is tested and partially burned-in (approx. 100 hours) in our listening rooms. Everything is hand made under strict quality control.

When you want a top quality audio product that will satisfy the highest demands, there is no place for ordinary. That is why our loudspeakers are totally hand made from start to finish with the highest standards and quality control.

Gracioso 1.0 and 2.0 LE (Limited Edition) are significantly improved compared to the Standard model. LE model will be very interesting for buyers in a limited quantity of 99 pairs.

Gracioso 1.0 and 2.0 Standard are significantly improved compared to the old model.

Gracioso is a speaker for those with the highest taste in performance and design. As it is aesthetically striking with its complex hardwood selected materials, so is the full embodied, natural, dynamic, and transparent sound it produces.

Gracioso line of loudspeakers is hand waxed with natural wax oil in multiple layers. That is why walnut wood looks so silky and shiny on our cabinets. According to the personal craftsmanship of our loudspeakers series Gracioso, they cannot be made in serial mass production, so they will always be very rare and made in small numbers. At the same time, such approach guarantees the highest quality, and also they will always be prestigious and unique.

The body

The basis for every top-level loudspeaker is uncompromising cabinet design and we got it in Gracioso line.

We have retained only the technique and composition of the cabinet design, everything else is improved.

Basic details of new Gracioso line are:

“Solid wood integral construction system”

Design in appearance of a droplet (no parallel planes inside the cabinet) and integral wood construction system are the best for zero resonance.

For achieving an acoustical basement that will produce high-quality sound, we have been steered mostly by anti-resonant technical know-how. For this reason, Gracioso loudspeaker housings are made by assembling multiple solid-wood horizontal segments used in such way that the grains criss-cross. Segments are preliminarily controlled, measured and assembled for optimal self-cancellation of resonances.

Shape of the front with a very large round over in order to reduce baffle diffraction and enhance imaging for the best sonic. The goal of the shape is to control internal standing waves and resonances.

All these factors used in the cabinet design ensure 100% non-resonant and acoustically ideal housing for the speakers.


“Waxed wood is beautiful”

Waxing was chosen as the finishing method for the wooden housing surfaces of the loudspeakers. We sanded cabinets extremely smooth and finished with natural oil-wax. The waxing method conserves the natural appearance of the wood, as well as keeps it organically correct.

Gracioso line loudspeakers are min. 4-times hand waxed with natural wax oil. That is why walnut wood (generally applies to any type of wood) looks so beautiful on our cabinets.

Silky and shiny, but you can still feel real solid wood when you touch them wonderful feeling!

In addition, maintenance of the loudspeaker is easier with the waxing method, since you can easily re-wax your loudspeakers at home. This way, the wooden cabinets will always glow as new.

“Down fire bass-reflex system”

Dispersed “down fire” bass reflex system is used for easier and better placing in room.

Bass reflex tube is placed on the bottom of the cabinet conduct air via proprietary diffuser dispersed in every direction, so speaker can be placed virtually anywhere in your listening room.


“Magnet grill holder system”

Since the beginning of our speaker creation, we also think about the practicality of use, so we use the magnetic system of fixing the protective grille to the speaker.

By simply positioning the grille near its position on the cabinet, magnetic power will merge them in place by itself.


“Point to point crossover system + High grade Mundorf electronic material, and solid silver internal wires for LE models”

High grade Mundorf electronic parts, solid silver internal wiring, and handmade “point-to-point wired crossover” ensure full potential of the speaker as a whole. For non-resonance base of crossover we use special hard wood of suitable thickness.

Silver internal wires are used in LE model. UP OCC copper wires are used in ST model.

“Special flat feet”

“Flat feet” protected spikes, which you get with the loudspeakers, are also user-friendly. With the protected spikes you will not scratch your floor and also placing is easier.

  • Specially made flat feet with ceramic balls (f 48mm) is manufactured by Franc Audio Accessories for the Limited Edition model.
  • Basic flat feet is used in the Standard model.

The heart

The final quality of any product will go only as far as the basic ingredients will allow. And after 7 years in production it is time for new and better ingredients, as science and new technology give us that option − solution.

Morel speaker units are well-known and regarded as one of the most technically advanced, innovative, and unique designs available. With the benefits of custom and special high grade drivers, the choice was obvious for us.

Mid-bass drivers are sourced from Morel, which is also the most famous for linear response and natural sound. Even higher grade mid-bass drivers are used in Limited Edition model to raise their sensitivity over 90dB, perfect for all kind of amplifiers including low-wattage tube amplifiers.

Due to their extremely flat and even frequency combined with a smooth and extended roll-off, we were able to implement them with straightforward crossover and minimal frequency corrections.

For upper frequency range, we have selected the state-of-the-art Scanspeak tweeters, made as matched pairs. Selected primarily for their smooth and realistic timbre, we have also achieved ideal synergy with mid-bass ranges due to their extremely low resonant frequency and flat response.

With high grade Scanspeak tweeters, we have raised frequency response up to 35kHz.

We have selected a crossover assembled from the finest high-end components supplied by the Mundorf.

Taking the quest for non-resonance, the base for circuit boards use hardwood plates of suitable thickness. Crossovers are additionally dampened with proprietary layer of rubber on the down side. Each crossover component is carefully bolted and glued to the base and point-to point wired, which is then bolted to the cabinet making it virtually a part of the non-resonant enclosure.

High grade Mundorf electronic parts, solid silver internal wiring (LE model), and handmade “point-to-point wired crossover” ensure full potential of the speaker as a whole.

Finally, quality aluminium bi-wiring terminals are provided for single or bi-wire speaker connection with high grade rhodium connectors.

Constructors´ words:

Marjan Tancer (designer):

“That project was a challenge from the beginning, as the goal was to make better loudspeakers than already very good loudspeakers. With a bunch of a small changes, we have achieved amazing results. Changed concept and extension housings have made this speaker visually consistent in the prestigious naturally treated walnut, and are suitable for both modern and more sustained equipped environments. When I first listened to the Limited Edition Gracioso 2.0 speakers as a serial product, I was almost shocked of how much lower bass they can produce and how much of the image area they are able to conjure."

Davorin Žnuderl (electronic engineer and designer):

“Successfully upgraded and well regarded product in every area, but without compromises from constructor’s point of view, it is always hard. Standards for such product are being raised daily by customers and even higher by our own expectations. Luckily, this trend is being well followed by our selected audio parts manufacturers, offering real technical improvements that can easily be confirmed sonically. New, better materials, constructions and techniques are being offered to you as a constructor, and from that point of view upgrade makes perfect sense and also obligation to customers. In the case of upgrading our Gracioso line, expectations were really high. Practically everything was upgraded: cabinet, drivers, and crossover. Even in that respect, final listening experience exceeded my expectations, summed up with a simple jet very hard to achieve feeling; that everything has really clicked into its place at much higher level than before.”

We wish you timeless experience with the finest audio loudspeakers.