Virtuoso LE – 2021

NEW 2021-VIRTUOSO LE (Limited Edition at 20th anniversary of Acoustic Preference Ltd.) 20 pairs only

When we celebrate anniversaries, we realize how quickly time passes. 20 years ago (Acoustic preference was founded in 2001), my friend and I decided to offer the world some top audio creations, which must be first and foremost top in sound, and special in design. For the model year 2021, we present our latest loudspeakers creation called VIRTUOSO LE, which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of our active work in audio and is also our highest quality work. Only 20 Limited Edition pairs will be made.

VIRTUOSO LE have a modern double-cabinet design, which is given a timeless final look by selected types of wood veneers of greater thickness and the highest quality workmanship. For the most natural effect of natural wood, we chose a silk protective layer of varnish.

For achieving practically non-resonant cabinet was separated in two frequency depended housings. By such design and calculated housing bracelets the vibrations of the housing is almost completely eliminated. The bass section is additionally decoupled from the upper housing by anti-vibration spacers from the upper housing. Each section has its own crossover, integrated at the back via terminals.

Each housing is additionally transversely reinforced in the calculated areas for the most unfavorable frequencies. The layout of the individual sides is also calculated to eliminate as many vibrations as possible on the housing. All this techniques combined resulted in practically zero vibrations of housings at any audio frequency.

VIRTUOSO LE are relatively large speakers (approx.132 cm-depend on what feet you use) as we achieved full efficiency of the built-in units with the volume of individual sections. We placed diffused bass reflex opening vertically towards the ground “down fire”, so there are no problems with the placement of the speakers in the room.

For the bass and midrange section, we used custom-made units from the manufacturer Audio Technology, and Scanspeak Berillium tweeters. Crossover is perfectly tuned to our custom-made speaker units and created from Mundorf highest grade audio parts in Point-to-point construction with pure OFC Jantzen internal wiring. We wish you a lot of enjoyment using VIRTUOSO LE.

Electronic design:
Davorin Žnuderl

Cabinet design:
Marjan Tancer & Davorin Žnuderl