Exclusivity of Acoustic Preference Loudspeakers

We are a very special small company for High-End Audio (a term that has been much abused lately), and we market ourselves as an Exclusive Audio components manufacturer (i.e. as artisans). Our production is not a serial production such as that of Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio, Magico, etc. We do have serial models, but we do not produce them on a treadmill system.

Our basic in-house work involves creating the design and the electronics of our products, and in the final stage we also assemble the finished products using parts delivered by our suppliers and pack them for shipping to customers.

Every project begins with hand-drawn designs, and when we believe to have found the right design idea, we proceed to the next stage with 2D and 3D computer drawings. For this purpose, we use Visio and Solidworks software. Of course, the design of the electronics must go hand in hand with the design of the products, and it is accomplished with other special software, such as Eagle for PCB design, etc.

When a project is finished, we send all the details of the parts that a project requires to our suppliers, for example wood cabinets, aluminium parts, PCBs, etc. The first step of the production involves prototypes (as many as are required to get a serial product).

Our commercial section makes orders for all the other parts that are required for a project.

When we receive the finished cabinets or housings, we put together a product. We only produce one at a time (i.e. one pair of loudspeakers or one amplifier). We have a unique system which allows us to truly handcraft our products. Every part of our products is controlled, paired and checked in regards to all the details that are important for the final product. Our customers must only receive the best audio products, which is why we do not want to change our way of handcrafting. We want to remain a very special company in audio manufacturing, and we believe to be succeeding as there are not many other companies that work in a similar way.

There is no huge production facility within our company – we have more than 50 suppliers for everything that our products require (loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables, cables, accessories, etc.). All that we have and need is a small production line and a little warehouse for fine materials. Big parts like housings for loudspeakers or amplifiers are produced when we receive orders; they are delivered “just in time”, so we never have more than 5 pairs of cabinets or housings in stock.

With our way of manufacturing we do not need a big production place and warehouse, nor do we need a lot of employees. It sounds like we are a “garage company”, and in a way we are, because we do not need to be big. Moreover, that is not what we want, because with our approach to the organization of the production we can directly and permanently ensure the quality of our products.

Our annual production is limited to approx. 150 components or pairs of all loudspeaker models. In the future, we will be able to double our maximum production, but we are not interested in increasing it further as that would decrease the exclusivity of our products.

Of course, we have all that we need to facilitate our creative work. There are two offices in which we create, one for each owner of AP, a small laboratory, and four listening rooms for testing our audio products under real-life conditions. Each listening room is built with different construction materials (wood construction, hollow brick, full-compact brick, concrete, and SIPOREX), so we can test our products in all the conditions in which our customers might use them.

Our organization is a great advantage because we do not have large fixed costs and have a lot of flexibility and freedom in the creation of new products. Because of all that, we can offer high quality and exclusive audio products at very competitive prices.

Acoustic Preference Ltd.