NEW 2021: BRAVURA SSIA 1/LE, Solid State Integrated Amplifier-No.1-Limited Edition in final tests

2006: Fifteen years ago, we stopped production of the first line of BRAVURA amplifiers.

2020: We decided to revive the heavily updated-improved integrated BRAVURA amplifier on the occasion of the 20th anniversary (2001-2021) of the creation of top-quality Acoustic Preference audio products.

June 2021: We have not yet presented it as a serial LE product on our website, as the serial model is in the final testing phase. We are more than satisfied with the results of measurements and listening tests.

We expect that the final decision regarding the production and price of the Bravura SSIA 1-LE will be made in the next 2-3 months.

The BRAVURA SSIA 1/LE model will be offered in a very limited series of 20 pieces.

BRAVURA SSIA 1-LE model description:

We kept the simple and massive design in all-aluminum housings (for better heat dissipation), and we updated the electronic assemblies almost completely.

With this, we achieved the goal of operating at least up to 100Watt in Class A mode, which is very audible when enjoying music at moderate volumes.

It is designed in full dual mono mode, which gives excellent results when creating a sound image.

We believe that with our many years of experience and uncompromising approach, we have created one of the best integrated audio amplifiers in the world.


  • Limited Edition  »A Class« Stereo Integrated Amplifier,
  • High Current DC Symmetric Bipolar A-Class Power Stage,
  • 100W/8 Ohms in Pure A-Class, Power: 200W/8 Ohms RMS@0,1% THD+N,
  • DC to 100KHz frequency response, DC coupled amplifiers,
  • 6 x 24 Amperes TO-3 Metal Can  Output transistors per channel,
  • Total of 120 000 MFD/100V Power capacitor reservoir bank per channel (2 x 12pieces),
  • Total Dual Mono, 600 VA  Ultra Low Noise Toroidal transformer per channel,
  • Pure Silver inner signal wiring, Three wiring output terminals,
  • 6 Dual Mono switched Line inputs, 1,5VRMS@47KOhms,
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 410 mm  (420 mm – front plate)  x    420 mm  (470 mm – with knobs and terminals)    x   155 mm (180 mm – with feet), full aluminium housing,
  • Weight: A lot (over 26 kilograms).

PRICE: Under request after finishing internal tests, estimated 15.000€ to 19.500€.

Pre orders will be opened after decision for production. For more details you can contact us on: