Acoustic Preference Maintenance Wax Kit 1


Special maintenance kit for wooden loudspeakers cabinets.


1 x SNWO 1-100 ml-special natural wax-oil

1 x abrasive micro rubber

1 x micro fiber pad

1 x cotton fiber cloth

1 x cotton gloves

How to use:

1) Use abrasive micro rubber for fine cleaning of wooden surface of cabinet.

2) Use a micro fiber pad or cotton cloth and coat all wooden surfaces with a thin layer of special SNWO (wax-oil).

3) Immediately after application (approx..20 min.) wipe SNWO coat with cotton cloth, so that you get a smooth surface without visible traces of application.

4) Allow the primer to dry, approx. 24 hours at ambient temperature at approx. 20-25 degrees Celsius. If you get nice silky looking surface without stain or drained areas, process is finished. If you like a slightly wood, you can also polish surface with cotton or micro-fiber cloth.

5) The process can be repeated, if necessary.

A mixture of natural wax and a special oil, which is used for the protection and restoration of wood, according to our data, not aggressive to other materials (but possible deviations from the above, therefore, protect the surface before use), in the case of liquid spills, wipe and wash the surface. In case of application on different types of wood or wood products, test on a small area, if possible in an invisible place.

We are not responsible for the conduct contrary to the instructions and warnings.

Price for APMWK 1 KIT is 122,00 €